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Meet the Administrator

Rev. Sr. Elizabeth A. Itopa (EHJ)

Welcome Parents! The Management of Sacred Heart College Apapa strongly believes that the parents of our dear students have a strong role to play in support of the academic root of their successes. This is simply because of the good percentage of influence you have in their lives. It is therefore our desire to build a connection between the child's day at school and life outside the College. As I welcome you to our institution, I also invite you to share your ideas, concerns and questions with us because one of our goals is to build a sense of community and trust between children, parents and staff.

The SHC website is intended to provide you with useful information about the College's programmes, resources, policies and procedures. We've sought to gather in one place basic information about the College, provide answers to practical questions or point you to the right source and generally convey a sense of what Sacred Heart College is all about. » Read more

Sacred Heart Culture

Laboratories, Special Rooms and Activities

Sacred Heart College, Apapa is an educational institution with an outstanding academic performance which has been proven timelessly since our inception as an edu-based organization. Our strategy for being a top rated College has been attained as a result of our meticulously prepared lesson plans and application of contemporary teaching methods in academically, spiritually and psychologically related works.

Our curriculum is fashioned in a way that enables students to sit for WAEC, NECO, JAMB, SAT and IGCSE examinations and perform excellently. In addition, we have various Extra Curricula Activities designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the society and help them Stand UP and Stand Out.

At SHC, ICT is our watch word! Our school premises is networked with 24/7 Internet Access. Our ICT Lab is equipped with the latest dektops, laptops and networking tools to aid learning, research and information sharing. Our Library is stocked with latest books and Internet-enabled computer systems for E-learning. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching materials, including Smart Boards. We boast of staff that are both ICT-learned and ICT-inclined.

Our other facilities include well equipped Library, Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, Basic Technoloy, Language and ICT), Mathematics Room, Music Room, Garment Making Room, Art Studio and Technical Drawing Room.

Further Mathematics Lesson
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Outstanding Performance in Nov 2019 IGCSE

Outstanding results of SS3 students of Sacred Heart College Apapa in the November 2019 IGCSE

Syllabus Syllabus Title Result %
Donald Dikachi Peters
0417 Information and Communication Technology A*(a*) 90%
0455 Economics A(a) 83%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural A*(a*) 92%
0580 Mathematics A*(a*) 95%
0606 Additional Mathematics A*(a*) 90%
0620 Chemistry A*(a*) 93%
0625 Physics A*(a*) 90%
Arinzechukwu Ryan Okolo
0455 Economics C(c) 69%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural C(c) 69%
0580 Mathematics A(a) 89%
0606 Additional Mathematics A(a) 83%
0610 Biology B(b) 77%
0620 Chemistry A(a) 86%
0625 Physics A(a) 87%
Promise Chikezie Ogunka
0417 Information and Communication Technology A(a) 80%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural B(b) 75%
0580 Mathematics B(b) 75%
0620 Chemistry B(b) 74%
0625 Physics A(a) 82%
Chidumebi Michelle Chukwuneke
0455 Economics C(c) 66%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural C(c) 67%
0580 Mathematics B(b) 70%
0606 Additional Mathematics C(c) 65%
0620 Chemistry A(a) 85%
0625 Physics B(b) 78%
Somtochukwu Chinenye Okekenseke
0455 Economics B(b) 70%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural B(b) 72%
0580 Mathematics B(b) 70%
0610 Biology B(b) 70%
0620 Chemistry B(b) 76%
0625 Physics B(b) 78%
Oluchukwu Anaestasia Ekechukwu
0450 Business Studies B(b) 76%
0452 Accounting C(c) 62%
0455 Economics B(b) 77%
0510 English as a Second Language With Grade 1(ONE) in Oral/Aural B(b) 71%
0580 Mathematics C(c) 66%
0610 Biology C(c) 64%

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