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The Stuent's Handbook/Manual is an official statement of the College's policies/regulations and expected standards that are applicable to all students. These policies, regulations and guidelines enable all the members of the College to function as a community and respond to situations that threaten or violate that community.

Our students' policies are designed with the expectation that students are to treat one another as well as school property with utmost civility and respect because any contrary act/behaviour against this expectation interfere with students' ability to learnas well as with the school's ability to educate it's students in a safe and sound environment.

The Sacred Heart College Apapa Management requires each student to adhere strictly to rules and regulations established by the administration and to submit to such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned for infraction of those rules.

Students who display chronic behavioural or academic problems may be referred to the Dean of Students and/or the Guidance Counsellor of the College to determine what help such students are to be offered. Students so identified shall therefore be provided with appropriate programs and services like the Remedial classes, subjects, class re-allocation, etc. At SHC, we consider the following acts as serious bahevioural infractions on the part of students:

  1. Substance Abuse
  2. Assault on a staff, fellow student, Administrator or school property
  3. Possession and/or use of firearm
  4. Harrassment, intimidation or bullying. We define this as
    • Any gesture whether written, verbal, physical or electronic communication that substantially disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the school or the rights of others.
    • Any act meted out on any other student that causes physical or mental harm to such student, e.g deliberate destruction of any child's belongings, constantly inducing fear, publicly insulting or demeaning another student or group of students.

In the event that these offenses are perpetrated by any student of the College, the stipulated sanctions are in the students Handbook/Manual and shall be fully implemented as stated.