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SHC combines academics with Extra Curricula Activities to bring out the best in every child. These help to form the child physically, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. For that purpose, we feature the following activities:

Academic clubs

  1. Mathematics
  2. Young Farmers
  3. Igbo
  4. Applied Science
  5. French
  6. Skills Acquisition
  7. Literary and Debating
  8. ICT

Social clubs

  1. Red Cross
  2. Boys Scout
  3. Music
  4. Man O War
  5. Girls Guide
  6. Cultural and Dramatic Arts

The Academic and Social clubs have their club meetings/training on every alternate Wednesday. The clubs engage in various forms of competitions, internally and externally, such as Free Speech, Debate, General Exhibition, Specific Club Day and so on. Each student is required to actively belong to at least one Academic and Social club.


We have quality sporting facilities such as basketball court, volleyball court, lawn tennis and a mini football field. Each sporting facility is ably manned by, at least, a trained professional in the field. Students are trained to be physically fit, emotionally and psychologically balanced. Above all, we have our biennial Inter House Sports geared towards discovering, grooming and rewarding outstanding sporting skills.