Check Interview List page for candidates invited for interview in the 2nd batch of the 2024/2025 Entrance Examination, coming up on the 1st of June 2024.>>>>>> Interview Fee: N15,000, Time: 8:00AM, Venue: Sacred Heart College Apapa.>>>>>>

Our Mission

To make available to our young generation qualitative education that is wholistic in nature. To harmonise moral and religious values with secular subjects in such a way, as to promote physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual and psychological development of the child. Our education is directed towards the formation of the whole human person as well as prepares students for certificate examination.

Our Vision

To turn out mature young men and women who would be leaders in our country. To produce graduates who have acquired competencies necessary for self-reliance in our contemporary society.

Our Philosophy

We study the truth of the body of knowledge as specified in our curriculum in love. The child would be taught to value truth as they acquire knowledge and in turn live it out in love. This is because we at Sacred Heart College believe that education is a way of life that leads to wholeness. In sum, Amor, Scientia, Veritas Et Sapientia (Love, Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom).


Amor, Scientia, Veritas Et Sapientia
(Love, Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom)


Stand up; stand out!

Our Core Values

Emotional Resilience

Getting Along