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We believe in and practise holistic education. As such, we organize the following events annually to ensure that the Sacred Heart College child's growth is balanced:

1Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus The Feast of our school during which students receive Baptism and the First Holy Communion. It's our College's Feast Day.
2Interhouse Sports Competition A biennial sporting competition we organize to discover, nurture and reward outstanding sporting skills among the various houses that represent the School.
3Cultural Heritage Day A biennial celebration of Nigeria's rich cultural heritage in which our students, staff and parents put up performances to promote our indegenous cultures.
4Graduation Programme The series of programmes we organize to help Graduating Students transit successfully into the wider society. It consists of three parts: Graduation Dinner, Transition Programme and Graduation Ceremony.
5Christmas Funfair An event we use to usher in the fun of Christmas and celebrate Christmas with our students before they go on holiday.
6Festival of Carol and Nine Lessons A spiritual exercise used to usher in the events marking the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with songs and scriptural readings.
7Foundation/Prize Giving Day We hold Mass in commemoration of our school and reward students and staff who have excelled in the last session.
8Orientation Programme A programme designed to induct all new and SS1 students into our school's life and programme of activities.
9Festival of Arts and Culture Our students use this occassion to showcase the values of Arts and Culture in our daily life. It is an annual event.
10Club/Society Day Here, our clubs and societies showcase the various activities to depict the essence of their club programme. This is a yearly event.
11New Parents Forum New parents are formally inducted into the family of SHC's PTA and acquainted with the rules and regulations of the College.
12All Saints Day A Holy Day of Obligation on which the Patron Saints are remembered.
13All Souls Day The entire Sacred Heart College community uses this occassion to pray for the Faithful departed and families and friends.
14Worlds AIDS Day A day we use to rally support for people living with HIV/AIDS and educate all on the spread and prevention of the virus. It is often in form of solidarity march or symposium.
15Lenten Programme 40 days of prayer and reflection in preparation for the Easter Celebration.
16Seminars for Students and Staff We organize several seminars in a session for students and/or staff for training and/or discussion on varying topics or issues which may be educational or any other contemporary issue that will aid the overall growth of the staff and students.