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School Anthem

Situated at Marine side of Lagos.
Built to grow and Germinate in God's own presence
Moulding of Great Minds, Discovering their Talents
Creating a standard that has no equal.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Safest and Richest place
Symbol of our love and Foundation of Grace.
The Route of Justice and source of knowledge,
Love, knowledge and truth to uphold our school.
Great School of Standard, Built with Tremendous Toil.
Sowing seeds of Morality on a Good Soil
Building up scholars for sake of future
In firmness and uprightness after God's own Grace.

Composed by: Rev. Fr. Marcel Amadi
Music by: Stephen Olarinde (1973 - 2010)

School Pledge

I have come to Sacred Heart College to be formed and informed, therefore I pledge

  • To be open to learning of things spiritual and temporal
  • To be respectful
  • To abide by all the school core values
  • To be responsible
  • To participate in all school activities
  • To complete all works assigned to me
  • To be trustworthy, fair and caring
  • To be disciplined
  • To be a pride to my school, my parents, my nation and my creator.

So help me God.