Hello dear parents and guardians, we thank God for keeping us safe through this period of pandemic which has led to economic lockdown. It has been quit challenging coping with various activities around the world. We have continuously prayed for you all that the good Lord will keep you safe through this period. In our little way, we have tried to keep our children busy by providing online lesson that runs from Monday to Friday. In line with this, we will be conducting our online test from 6th July to 10th July 2020. Thanks and God bless you.>>>>>> Check the Admission List page on the Admissions menu for the candidates PROVISIONALLY ADMITTED into Sacred Heart College Apapa in 2020/2021 Academic Session.>>>>>> Remember to submit a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate if you have not done so

School Anthem

Situated at Marine side of Lagos.
Built to grow and Germinate in God's own presence
Moulding of Great Minds, Discovering their Talents
Creating a standard that has no equal.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Safest and Richest place
Symbol of our love and Foundation of Grace.
The Route of Justice and source of knowledge,
Love, knowledge and truth to uphold our school.
Great School of Standard, Built with Tremendous Toil.
Sowing seeds of Morality on a Good Soil
Building up scholars for sake of future
In firmness and uprightness after God's own Grace.

Composed by: Rev. Fr. Marcel Amadi
Music by: Stephen Olarinde (1973 - 2010)

School Pledge

Today I have come to Sacred Heart College Apapa to
learn and to do my best. Help me Lord to understand
my mssion and vission of being in this College. By Your
grace, I pledge to be respectful of the school authority,
my teachers, school mates, myself and the school property.
I promise to abide by all the school's Core Values of Truth,
Love, Getting Along, Organization, Emotional Resilience,
Persistance, Confidence, Ownership, Innovation and Charity.
I pledge to be responsible: to participate in all school activities
and to complete all works assigned to me. I choose to be
trustworthy and fair in working with others and to show
others that I really care. I know what's right, I know what's good.
I shall practise discilpine and remain focused. I promise to be a
source of pride to my school, my parents and my Creator.
So help me God.